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PT. Retota Sakti is an Indonesian home textile company, specialized in the manufacturing and export of interior products such as wallcovering, sunshades and rugs made of natural fibers.

Since 1988 we are established in Indonesia, a country with a diversity of cultures and traditions which are expressed in a rich heritage of crafts and art. Inspired by the beauty of the local environment, we have committed ourselves to the handcraft production of unique designs with high quality materials. There are two brands under our company, namely RETOTA and ROA.

The combination of traditional techniques and local natural fibers create the individual character of our products which deliver the Indonesian spirit to our customers.

Starting with a small collection, we have been able to develop a wide assortment of products which are distributed to the international market in cooperation with our long lasting partners in the USA and Japan since 1994.

Today after 25 years in business we continue to develop innovative designs and follow our passion for traditional Indonesian fiber craft.