Who We Are

Starting with the aim to reintroduce traditional Indonesian handweaving in modern fabric interior, RETOTA took the first small steps in 1988 to become a highly reputable brand in Indonesia.

Inspired by the rich culture of Indonesia, RETOTA manufactures handwoven products with high quality and modern designs. Every meter of fabric is produced with traditional techniques in meticulous, time consuming work by our skillful artisans. RETOTA is preserving the intangible heritage of handweaving, an incomparable value which cannot be achieved by modern technology. We continuously refine our processes to satisfy our customers with innovative designs and high quality products.

RETOTA products are widely distributed in department stores in Indonesia as well as abroad. Several inspections and certificates demonstrate and insure the best possible quality of our products.


Among the many kinds of woven textiles from Indonesia, Tenun Lurik is one of the most profound ones. In Indonesia, textile is considered more than just clothing, but it is inter related to various beliefs and used in many religious rituals and traditional ceremonies.

Lurik extensively flourished and is highly appreciated in the area of Java. There are textiles which are considered sacred; others are thought to possess magical powers, express advice or hope etc. TenunLurik is derived from the Javanese language and means “handwoven stripes”. It is widely used on statues and temples across the Island of Java.

The different names of the motives descend from traditional sayings, which provide advice and guidance to direct people to life a blessed life. Many of the names originate from objects which are familiar and useful for the weavers and which are traditionally considered sacred.

In spite of the simple look, the creation of the stripe motives requires a strong detail orientation to achieve the aimed harmonization of colors and structure.

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