Sulur Ringin

A special reunion of Mr. Roland Adam, Mrs. Vonny and Mrs. Anti Saryanto who met in Chic Mart in 1989 is presented in a form of Retota’s collection Sulur Ringin by Roland Adam.

Sulur Ringin by Roland Adam is retota’s first designer collection for the upholstery line. A coincidence meeting between Roland Adam and Retota in 2013 reminded how we started everything in Chic Mart in 1989. When Mr. Roland Adam was working in Chic Mart owned by Ms. Vonny, Mrs. Anti Saryanto just started designing the handwoven upholstery product, started with napkin and table linen.

The collection’s ambience is showing the new taste of traditional Javanese Lurik. Brown dominates the color pallet of this collection, strengthening the traditional Javanese feeling. Sulur Ringin is one of the traditional Javanese Lurik motifs. Sulur Ringin which means Root of Banyan Tree symbolizes longevity, since the Banyan tree lives long and can resist any hardship.

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