ROA is specializing in handwoven natural fiber products including wallcovering, window covering and rugs.

Our weaving house is located in a small village, surrounded by stunning scenery at the foot of Mount Sumbing in Magelang, Central Java.  All products are handmade with traditional hand weaving technique which have been mastered and passed on by generations of villagers for hundreds of years.

The artisans are villagers who live close to our workshop. Because of the short distance they are able to manage their households and families while gaining an extra income which creates a remarkable social benefit.

The raw material for our products is an original Indonesian plant, Abaca which is cultivated in North Sulawesi. The plant is rapidly renewable and produces a soft and shiny fiber which creates a glam character of our products. While Raffia from East Java reflects a rustic character.

Inspired by the exotic and colorful diversity of Bali, we aim to bring a touch of Indonesian ambiance for interior.