The natural fibers which are used for the production of our wall coverings are fibers from Abaca, which is cultivated in North Sulawesi where sun and sea harmonized in tropical islands and Raffia from East Java, the place of ancient Javanese kingdom. These fibers are shredded piece by piece in handwork by the villagers surround our weaving house. This shredding process is all about patience and careful attention.

In the next steps the fibers are knotted one by one by careful eyes and skillful fingers to create a continuous fiber. There is story in every knot in the fiber. Story about their skillful craftsmanship woven in traditional culture. A priceless cultural heritage delivered in a simple message of sophisticated texture of wallcovering.

The fibers are woven with a traditional hand loom. One by one, fiber by fiber is hand woven by the artisans in the weaving house. This precision work requires a lot of experience, diligence and patience from the weavers. Thorough quality control is included in every step of the production process to assure the best possible result.